The game board allows large groups to gather round and all share in the fun, and includes a detailed LEGEND, to quickly and easily remind players what to do when landing on the different symbols on the board.


Shuffle the forty-five ASSIGNMENT Cards and place a draw pile adjacent to board.  Players select different colored pawns, and everyone takes one red roadblock cube and one black bad weather cube.  Spare cubes are placed on the edge of the game board in the space marked, Air Traffic Control – black cubes, and Department of Transport – red cubes


Players can either fly or take road trips to move around the board, but never both in the same turn.  There are ten Airport/Temple cities on the board, all in the USA, and an Airport/Temple has both an airport and a temple in each city. Players can switch between road trips and flying any time they are at an airport, since all flights must start and finish at an airport.  Eight of the ten Airport/Temple cities are accessible by both air and road, while Anchorage and Hawaii are only accessible by air.  Players can also switch travel modes at Salt Lake City airport, but this city does not have a TEMPLE Card assigned to it.  Players can start at any airport on the board, including Salt Lake City.

There are another seventy temples in the USA, Canada and Mexico, all located in cities which are only accessible by road, which gives a total of eighty temples.  Each city on the map has it's own TEMPLE Card, except Salt Lake City.  

The youngest player rolls the first dice to start the game.


The eighty TEMPLE Cards are shuffled, and six cards dealt face down to each player before the game begins.  Players carefully review their own cards and decide which route, or itinerary, they will try and follow to visit all six temples shown on their cards. 

Players roll the dice for regular travel by road or air, but sometimes an ASSIGNMENT Card will divert players directly to their destination.  After arrival at a specific temple that player turns over the matching TEMPLE Card, to signify completion of that visit.  When all six temples have been visited, and all six temple cards are turned face up, players must then race back to Salt Lake City, and the first player to arrive wins the game.

The TEMPLE Cards above depict four regions that represent a similarity to the surrounding geography of their city.  To help younger players each TEMPLE Card has the matching flag of the country the temple is located in, and also shows which mode of transport is needed to reach that specific temple, eg, flight only, road trip only, or a choice of both if located at an airport.                                                                                                                                                                                       Don't see your local temple on the map??  The game includes four blank TEMPLE cards, one from each region, for you to personalize your Temple TripTM experience, if you want.           



There are forty-five different ASSIGNMENT cards players could draw during the game.  Every time a player makes a change from a road trip to a flight at an airport, or vice versa, they must draw an ASSIGNMENT card.  Every time a player crosses the US border into Canada or Mexico they must draw an ASSIGNMENT card.  

As players roll the dice and travel from city to city, by road or air, they will also sometimes have the option to draw an ASSIGNMENT card.

Many of these ASSIGNMENT cards are diversions, sometimes for a single player, other times for a select group, and occasionally for everyone.  Some cards must be played immediately, and bonus cards can be saved for future use.  Some cards might be to your advantage, others to your disadvantage, depending on each individual itinerary.                                             


All players start with two cubes, one red roadblock cone, and one black bad weather cube.  Spare cubes are placed on the playing board in the space marked, Department of Transport – red cubes, and Air Traffic Control – black cubes.  Before the first dice is thrown everyone has the chance to try and guess a route their opponents might take, and then use both cubes to block one air route and one road.  Be careful not to block your own travel plans, and cubes can only be placed on the two symbols shown below.

Every time a player arrives at a temple by road or air the matching TEMPLE card is immediately turned over. Also, if available, that player may take one additional red or black cube, and immediately place the cube anywhere on the board to try and block an opponent.                                         

The game also includes ASSIGNMENT cards that allow players to bypass these cubes, very useful when some players deliberately place them to try and stop other players getting back to Salt Lake City to win the game.