TEMPLE TRIP® was originally developed in 2017 with a very limited print run in 2018 by a local on-demand printer.  Since then additional temples were added, and all graphics, artwork, rules and playing pieces have been completely revamped.  

TEMPLE TRIP® mixes history and geography in a fast fun-filled family game for up to ten players, and for ages as young as eight, lasting about forty-five minutes for four players.  The object of the game is to race around the board trying to visit six LDS temples, while blocking your opponent's travel plans at the same time. 

Before starting, players decide how many of the eighty temples each player must visit during the game, with six the suggested target. Players can start at any of the eleven airports, including Salt Lake City.  The winner is the first player to visit all six temples on their itinerary, and be the first player back in Salt Lake City.

Every player starts the game with one red roadworks cube and one black air turbulence cube.  Players try to guess a route their opponents might take, and then use their cubes to block one air route and one road, just take care not to block your own travel routes! 

Players choose their own travel mode, it can be either a flight or a road trip, as they follow their itinerary to visit the various temples scattered across North America.  Players can easily switch travel modes at any time, but remember that flights must start and finish at an airport.

ASSIGNMENT Cards play an important part in the game, some will disrupt even the best laid travel plans, and others will guarantee a safe landing!

No two games are ever the same, because of the number of temples to visit, changing itineraries, diverse ASSIGNMENT Cards scenarios, and the random placement of blocking cubes.