Players each use their own screen Dashboard to manage their GOLDFIX game. The Dashboard gives you the full status of your business at a glance, no paper money to sort and count up, or no "valuable" plastic gold bullion tokens to lose.  Game Tracker also allows you to keep a watchful eye on your opponent's assets, whether they're sat on the other side of the table, or halfway around the world!!  (Turned OFF in BUSINESS Mode).

Here are some screen shots to help you get familiar with your interactive experience, and how it all works.

The next screen gives more detail specific to the Dashboard.

All actions to the right of the ROLL DICE button, PURCHASE HEADGEAR, REPAY LOAN, SELL ASSET & EXIT will need to be completed before rolling the dice.  See the table above for a more detailed explanation of their functions.


Once a player has acquired a MINE LEASE he may add a HEADGEAR, by using the DASHBOARD / PURCHASE HEADGEAR button before their dice roll.

The blue border is important if you have more than one MINE LEASE to choose from, it shows which mine your cocopan will pass next around the perimeter of the board, and therefore the one which give you the quickest return on your investment


Repay (1) DEBT CARD to the Bank. The Bank will deduct $250M from your current Bank Account Balance. Warning, if you do not have $250M cash available you will receive a $230M Overdraft Loan!!! Not recommended.


This is a FIRESALE button, where assets are sold back to the Bank at a 50% discount!!!  This could be used to sell some unwanted DRILL REPORTs back to Bank, if someone else already owns the MINE LEASE, and therefore save the CORPORATION TAX costs.  It could also be used if you MUST raise immediate cash, for example, you have the maximum 6 DEBT CARDs and are about to pass one of the two TAX squares and have very little cash in your Bank Account, and another OVERDRAFT LOAN will bankrupt you.