Players start the game with a $500M loan, and (2) $250M DEBT CARDs.  There are three loan types available; the two regular loans are a $250M ANNUAL LOAN, available when a player passes the Bank square, and a $260M DISCOUNT LOAN, available when a player LANDS ON the Bank square.  There are also $230M OVERDRAFT LOANS, whenever players do NOT have enough cash in the Bank, that can be used to pay taxes, purchase or bid for assets at auctions, or purchase headgear.  Overdraft Loans can be used to pay for anything, but they come at a $20M cost.  Every time you take any type of loan you will receive (1) $250M DEBT CARD, and players cannot have more than (6)DEBT CARDs, or they will be bankrupt.

Loan Interest is payable on every DEBT CARD every time a player lands on/passes the corner BANK square.  Players can use the REPAY LOAN button on their DASHBOARD to repay (1)DEBT CARD, any time before they roll the dice, and $250M will be deducted from their Bank Account.  It is quite legitimate to take an ANNUAL/DISCOUNTLOAN after passing/landing on the Bank and using that money Interest free for a year, provided the loan is repaid before passing the Bank again!!