The ULTIMATE Game of Speculation. Includes FAMILY, ADVANCED & BUSINESS MODE, all with a Goldfix that fluctuates between $1,000 - $2,000, but in a much more competitive environment. See below for more details.

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FAMILY MODE -  4 levels of play including QUICKSTART and FASTBULLION.  Both these options provide opportunities to start generating gold bullion and income almost immediately, allowing for a much shorter game.  

Suitable for ages 8+.  No competitive bidding, and commissions are fixed for all players, so everyone can have fun in a family friendly environment.  The ideal fun way to give your kids a quick intro into Business 101!! 

In both these Modes below only QUICKSTART is included, and both Modes function in a much more mature and competitive environment

ADVANCED MODE -   Players now have timed bids for Mine Assets at Auction, but with a twist.  If 6 players there are only 5 assets to bid on, and if 4 players then only 3 assets to bid on.  All players can see who the highest bidder is (but not how much the winning bid is), and can try to adjust accordingly before the timer expires.  Players also set their own Bullion Market Broker Commissions between 10% - 25%!. No more Mr nice 10% guy!!

BUSINESS MODE - This is Advanced mode, but now with sealed-bid Auctions, players no longer see who the winning bidder is.  All players will need to sharpen their pencils first time - or lose out!!  Game Tracker is a feature which allows all players to see what assets everyone has, ie. cash, debt and gold bullion, as if all players were sat around the same table.  Game Tracker is turned OFF in BUSINESS MODE, so every decision made is independent of your opponents assets until there is a winner. For serious financial gaming entrepreneurs!!

Suitable for ages 12+.