Players first need to acquire the MINE LEASE card to own a mine.  Once a player has ownership he can immediately place a HEADGEAR on that mine.  Thereafter annually, every time a player passes/lands on a mine that has a HEADGEAR, it produces GOLD BULLION. There are also 2DRILL REPORT cards per mine, but a player does not need either of these cards to start producing gold bullion, but ownership of one or both of these DRILL REPORT cards greatly increases bullion production. 

 All mines are of equal value, and Gold Bullion production is based on a combination of the following, see table below:

  1. The throw of the dice that allows the player’s cocopan to pass/land on their own mine, that a player has purchased a HEADGEAR for.
  2. Ownership of one or both of the matching DRILL REPORT cards, which guarantees increased production.
  3. BONUS 1 - If an opponent lands on a player's mine with HEADGEAR, the mine owner (not the landing player) will receive a 20 kOz BONUS. 
  4. BONUS 2 – If a player lands on his own mine with HEADGEARthe mine owner (player himself) will receive a 40 kOz BONUS, in addition to his normal annual bullion production (see 1 and 2 above).

It's quite possible for a player's cocopan to pass more than one of their own mines during a single turn, and this is acceptable. Each mine receives their own bullion total and/or Bonus in a separate calculation, based on a common dice throw, but dependent on the number of DRILL REPORTs per mine that are owned.  

QUICKSTART options (all levels) gives all players a MINE LEASE and 2 DRILL REPORTs (random draw) to start the game.  This allows all players to immediately purchase a HEADGEAR and start producing GOLD BULLION from their first roll of the rice.  FASTBULLION (TRIAL and FAMILY mode only) gives all players a 125 kOz Gold Bullion kick start to their game.

 Once players have Gold Bullion it needs to be sold to the Bank to raise capital.  This can only be done on 5 squares on the playing board, the 3 BULLION MARKET and the GOLDFIX CORNER square are all BROKER squares.  The landing player acts as a broker for all players, and is paid a commission for all Bullion sales to the Bank.  A broker has the right to NOT sell any Bullion for other players, but only for himself if he chooses.  In this case he would receive no commissions, but the GOLDFIX will always drop either $100, or $200 (Goldfix Corner only), after a BULLION MARKET sale, unless GOLDFIX is at $1,000, then it cannot fall.


The other square that allows players to sell Bullion to the Bank is the LIQUIDATE BULLION square, where players may sell directly to the Bank for a 25% discount (loss), and there is no the change to the GOLDFIX.

There are several RISK Cards, both positive and negative, related directly to the Goldfix and/or Bullion, including a reduced 10% LIQUIDATE BULLION card, instead of the normal 25% discount described above, and also a GOLDFIX CORNER card, which is NOT a broker card.  This card allows ONLY the player himself, to sell BULLION to the Bank, and the GOLDFIX will drop $200 after the sale.  RISK - It's Your Call!!